5 things I learned making a capsule wardrobe on Pinterest

Fionna Hanna


After listening to a bunch of The Minimalists podcasts and being inspired to take a look at my lifestyle, I’ve been paring down and really questioning things I need versus want. And I realized I wanted to make getting dressed easier, be able to buy higher quality items but have fewer things overall in my closet. I kept telling my friends I want to have 10 - 14 outfits per season that I love, wear all the time and then put away for the next season. But I wasn’t taking any steps to try and get there. So to kick off my minimalist wardrobe goals I realized I need to start looking at my wardrobe as whole.


So I started making a pinterest board for a fall wardrobe with a few things similar to what I already have. Then I started adding pieces from so of my fave designers and rounded it out with few big name affordable brands. And a few of my own designs to remind myself to wear them too.

Here’s what I learned:

  1. Buy basics you can mix and match. A consistent color scheme will help but isn’t totally needed.
  2. You can have patterns and stripes too, just pick ones that are versatile and not bossy
  3. Accessories are key. A shirt, scarf and jeans feels like a different outfit from the same shirt with a necklace and khakis
  4. It’s not about the number of items, it’s about the number of combinations with those items
  5. I’m bad at shopping. I tend to pick pieces with interesting details which has led me to closet of nice things but that don’t go with anything else.

After making the board, I really felt clear on what I want and the gaps that are in my wardrobe currently. It felt good to realize how much I have including shoes are coats are good. But also to focus on getting a few special pieces that maybe costs a bit more but are versatile. And I also really wanted to go shopping.

So with this new fall shopping list, I’m going to round out my wardrobe and wherever possible buy local and sustainable. This should help me have an easier time getting dressed, have fewer items and many more options. And I think I am am now ready to make one for each season. You can check out the board here or click on the pics above.

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