5 Books to read for Pride Month

Fionna Hanna

Welcome to my book club! Ok not really, but it is going to be a new series of book recommendations whenever I feel like, probably quarterly but who knows. To start off, let's celebrate Pride month, here's some of my favorites: 

Legendary Children: The First Decade of RuPaul's Drag Rave and the Last Century of Queer Life by Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez

Its fun, education and well written. Fire up the Youtube and search away so you can watch the many references cited. Also check out their website for daily I need a break from the news in this weird times content. 


Bottle Rocket Hearts by Zoe Whittall

A coming of age/coming out story set in Montreal in the late 90s. This coincides with the time I spent in Montreal and brought back so many memories and reminders of slowly becoming an adult. 


The Man who Fell in Love with the Moon by Tom Spanbauer

Published in 1991 this is my most obscure choice. A novel about a biracial bisexual boy from before we talked about those things very much. The way its written is simultaneously hard to read and extremely engrossing. 


Not pictured: 

Less by Andrew Sean Greer

This book won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. I'm not sure what else to say. Its fun, I liked it and so did a lot of other people. 


Patsy by Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn 

Sometimes life throws us hard times and we don't make the best decisions. This book spends its time in the uncomfortable places and reminds us that we can be both worse off and better off for it. 


No links are included to the books because I want you to support your local independent bookstores. And also I don't have any affiliates. 

What do you think of these choices? And I'm always looking for more books to read so tell me your suggestions please. 




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