The creative struggle is real

Fionna Hanna


For the past month, it has been a struggle to get going on the next pattern. The shape is coming along but what color? What pattern is going on it? I couldn't get anywhere. And it was frustrating. There's a timeline I'm trying to hit for the kits and this was holding it back. But the ideas were not coming. 

Previous creative advice says just start something and it will come. (See The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp, highly recommend for any creatives out there.) So I did. And it didn't come. And then finally after something came. Just like that. 

A month of struggle for 10 minutes of drawing. 

So now the design is coming together and off we go. Does this ever happen to you when the moment just comes? Such a weird and lovely feeling.  

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  • Sounds like a familiar problem. You try to be creative and all you see is a void. I hope to make one or two guitars this winter and I know the wood that I want to use but I can’t envision size, shape or inlay. Maybe just wait and stay open.

    Greg hanna

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